The Girl in the Moon 

Jessica Spring & Susan Estella Kwas

Jessica Spring
The Girl in the Moon
Photo-polymer and letterpress print on duplexed hahnemuhle ingres paper
13.3 x 21 cm
Springtide Press: Tacoma, Washington
FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives

The Girl in the Moon
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Jessica Spring collaborated with illustrator Susan Estelle Kwas on this twelve-page accordion-style artist book. The book consists of denim-blue paper board with a layering of darker indigo stars. There are illustrations on the front of every page’s rectangular cut-out, created with metallic and glow-in-the-dark inks. The narration is found on the back of the pages, printed on chartreuse photo-polymer paper. 

The Girl in the Moon is meant to be manipulated by the user in many ways. In keeping with its thematic elements, the book can be arranged into a star shape. The work is paired with a small flashlight, which enables the user to “charge up” the photosensitive paper so the images glow in the dark. This book will engage users’ imaginations, transporting them to an ethereal world on a mischievous full moon night adventure. The Girl in the Moon combines the dreaminess of a children’s story and the ingenuity of unique materials to create a feeling of nostalgia. It takes the reader back in time, to simpler days of bedtime stories and moon-lit musings. Spring reminds us that there is joy to be found outside in the moonlight and that creatures of all sizes are significant, snails and slugs included.